#184D: Beef Loin, Top Sirloin, Cap
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    USDA High Choice

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    1855 Angus

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    Angus, Picanha

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    Origin: USA

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$39.00 pc

Piece weight: 3.25 lb

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Beef Loin, Top Sirloin, Cap #184D

Picanha is a prized and extremely popular cut of beef in Brazil bursting with flavor from its fat cap. Formerly a relative uknown in the United States, that status has changed in a big way as the heavy demand from American meat consumers has made the Picanha arguably the trendiest and surely one of the most sought after cuts of beef in North America. North American butchers generally divide it into other cuts like the rump, the round and the loin. However, due to different cattle breeds produced in the USA, in some places it is named as "top sirloin cap". The term "picanha" derives from the word "picana", which was a pole used by ranchers in the southern parts of Portugal and Spain, particularly inĀ Alentejo, for herding cattle.

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