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    Gluten Free, No Nitrates Added, No Preservatives, Iberico

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    Origin: Spain

SKU: 88-83205
$36.99 lb

Piece weight: 5 lb

Weight 5 lb

Total: $184.95


Paleta (shoulder ham) is smaller and rounder than Spanish jamon (back leg). This boneless choice is easier to cut without any waste of meat. Paleta cures much more quickly than ham and it has also a bigger fat concentration that determines its sweeter and more aromatic flavor. It is made from Spain’s native black pigs, that live freely outdoors and are only fed with a controlled and high quality grain diet. The meat of Iberico ham is cured in the mountain air and under the watchful eye of the ham masters. Notice Its intense ruby red color, with white fat streaks on, which add flavor and high quality fat to the meat. All our Iberico Paletas have been aged for at least 12 months.

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