Mushroom Mix Fresh Variety

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$11.25 lb

Case weight: 1 lb. Ind. weight: 1 lb

Weight 1 lb
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Mushroom Mix Fresh Variety

One pound (1 lb.) each of all 6 varieties. Alba Clamshells: Creamy white quarter sized caps, 2-3 inch stems. A mild shellfish flavor. Retains crunchy texture after Brown Clamshells: Light brown quarter sized caps, 2-3 inch stems. A mild flavor. Retains crunchy texture after sauteing. Trumpet Royale: Thick white stem and mocha brown cap with a firm, meaty texture. Very versatile. Maitake Frondosa: Leafy fronds have a fresh forest aroma and firm texture. Packed with savory unami. Forest Nameko: Features a glossy, amber-colored cap. The gloss is a natural protein gel that adds body to soups and sauces. Forms a glaze when roasted or grilled. Nebrodini Bianco: A large, firm ivory colored cousin of the trumpet Royale mushroom. Stem is 3-4 inches long. Unique sweet and rich flavor. Velvet Pioppini: Cinnamon-chocolate covered cap, 2-3 inch creamy white stem. Rich and savory flavor.

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