About Haute Grub

Haute Grub is a home delivery marketplace that connects everyday consumers with premium suppliers of the finest high-end, chef-quality food products. 


Our supplier network is comprised of the some of the most reputable names in the foodservice industry who consider the finest of dining and hospitality establishments as their clientele.


Prior to the launch of Haute Grub, access to our suppliers' and their products was non-existent for the general public and individual consumers.  Therefore, most of the products for sale in the Haute Grub marketplace would have extremely hard, if not impossible, for the general public to source and secure for enjoyment in the comfort of their home.


By providing our suppliers with the advanced tools required to properly present and procure their products to consumers, Haute Grub has not only ushered in a new era of consumer access to products of unparalleled quality, but a new era of possibilities for food distribution altogether in the wake of the global-changing events of the year 2020.