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Is Haute Grub a food supplier?

No. Haute Grub is a marketplace platform built and operated by Confinus, a provider of innovative trade solutions for the foodservice industry. Haute Grub's mission is to connect consumers with the Foodservice Industry's most prestigious and renowned Suppliers. As a result, and for the first time ever, consumers are empowered to shop our Supplier's collections of newly accessible, world class product offerings and have them delivered directly to their home.

Where do the products for sale come from?

The products listed for sale in the Haute Grub home delivery marketplace are sourced from the inventories that our premium suppliers own and manage .

Who do the Haute Grub Suppliers usually sell to?

Before Haute Grub, our suppliers' customer bases were almost exclusively comprised of the finest dining establishments, resorts, and premium chefs.

Some product prices seem expensive?

For starters, all product prices displayed during your shopping experience represent the final sell price at checkout (before taxes). This means that you will not experience an unpleasant surprise in the form of expensive shipping costs added to your order at the last minute during checkout. Furthermore, perishable products require a little bit of extra attention and slight expense to ensure that they arrive unspoiled and in good condition and safe temperatures.

Have Haute Grub product prices been affected by the meat shortage caused by COVID-19?

Unfortunately, it is likely that product prices are unusually high during these trying times for meat packers and farmers alike. Product prices should be expected to gradually drop with the market and return to more familiar price levels as supply chains and production levels stabilize.

Who is responsible for shipping my order?

Product fulfillment and shipping is the responsibility of the the supplier from which each product was purchased.

What if my cart contains products from more than one Supplier?

Nothing to worry about! The shopping experience provided by Haute Grub allows you to bundle products from multiple suppliers and purchase them in a single, streamlined order.

If my order contains products from more than one supplier, how can I make sure that the orders don't get mixed up?

Leave that to us! After your order has been placed, Haute Grub's supplier solutions ensure that all products included in your order are directed to their respective suppliers for fulfillment.

Does this mean my order will include multiple deliveries?

Yes. Orders that contain products from multiple Suppliers will almost always arrive via multiple deliveries.

When will my order ship?

Haute Grub's current supplier shipment standard sees that orders placed before 11:59 pm Monday - Thursday are shipped the following day (rare exceptions exist). Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

What about the perishable items on my order?

All perishable items are packed appropriately by our Suppliers with insulation and cooling elements and then shipped on refrigerated trucks to ensure that your products are always situated in a temperature appropriate environment up to and beyond the moment that they are delivered to your door. Please note that Haute Grub is not ultimately responsible for or liable for any products shipped.

When will my order be delivered?

Due to the perishable nature of most orders, most orders, particularly with perishable products should be expected to arrive within 48 hours of the ship date that corresponds with the order/shipment schedule mentioned above, and no more than 72 hours after.

What are my order responsibilities?

You are responsible for being present or arranging for somebody else to be present on the scheduled delivery day and/or delivery window to secure the delivered packages containing your order's products. Neither Haute Grub nor product Suppliers shall be held responsible for spoiled or damaged orders as a result of not being secured by the recipient in a timely manner after delivery.

Who do I contact about a problem with my order?

As outlined in Haute Grub's Terms & Conditions, first contact about order issues should be with the appropriate Supplier from whom the order or product in question was ordered. If attempts to make contact with the supplier are unsuccessful or a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, Haute Grab will step in to assist in resolving the issue at hand upon request by you or the Supplier.